Everwing Cheats That Will Help You Alot

Everwing Cheats That Will Help You Alot

Everwing-cheats-coinsIf the latest reviews are anything to go by, Everwing is the newest game in the gaming industry that has revolutionized how people pass time on their social media platforms. Gone are the days when people would just share images and update their statuses on social media. Today, you can enjoy your favorite game on any mobile platform be it Android or iOS, or on a touch-screen computer. Everwing is a smash hit game where you are supposed to blow away bosses and enemies using dragons, fairies and sidekicks firepower. Of course, the ultimate goal of any game is to amass as many trophies and coins as possible. Here are a few everwing cheats that will help you become a force to reckon with in this amazing game.

Everwing Cheats Tips and tricks

  • The most attractive thing about this smash hit game is the fact it allows you to engage your friends on social media. Through your Facebook messenger, you can invite your friends to fight your boss battles and help you amass coins and trophies. Once you have collected enough, you can easily evolve into legendary, rare dragons that will give you more power and energy to fight raid boss battles.
  • Raid boss fights are sure to earn you some great coins, how about you engage your friends as early as you possibly can for the raid boss battles? The good news is you can engage any group you have on Facebook messenger, even if it means having the same Facebook friends in the group text. This allows you to fight with dozens of raid bosses, increasing your chances of amassing more. To do so, when you are done battling one boss, you simply close the gaming window, move to the next messenger conversation and open your Everwing gaming platform, and you will be ready to start smashing raid battles again.
  • You might also want to start unlocking as many fairies as you possibly can, as soon as possible. This way, as you go up the levels, you will find it easier to unlock more fairies and more quests. This will mean that you can easily send out as many fairies, dragons and quests as you wish at any particular point in time. This way, you get to amass more coins as you increase your dragon experience.
  • More often than not, you will discover that after a successful raid boss battle, you will have a chance to collect your points over and over again, but this is often an inconsistent and unpredictable glitch. When well implemented, this is one of those everwing cheats that will collect you as many rewards as you can ever imagine. All you need to do is once you get your last chest, simply log off the FB messenger then go back again to the same group text you were playing. If you are lucky enough and there is a glitch, you will have a chance to recollect all your chests again for totally new rewards.

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